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I've always had a strong interest and belief in developing my own tools, editors and game development systems. Tools are the craftmans best friend. If one wants to work effective and be creative, and not spend most of your time to figure out how to do things or battle the programs you use, one have to setup a good and comfortable development environment. For me, this has meant to write my own tools and programs, because the ones available to the public haven't worked as I prefered or wanted them to do.

For instance, with my Amiga background I never felt much comfortable with PC graphic editors like PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro. So I decided to create my own graphic editor called ArtGem. I use ArtGem to draw all the graphics for the Arcade Lab games, as well as all other graphical work I do, like for this website.

Here's a list of some inhouse tools I've created:

1992 - AFX
1995 - AFX AGA
1996 - PCK
1998 - Screenz
1998 - ArtGem
2002 - Anim Lab
2002 - TW Engine
2002 - TW Editor
2002 - FX Lib
2006 - TW Lite

Amiga AGA